Tuesday, October 8, 2013

In You Do I Take Refuge

Psalms 7

7 O Lord my God, in you do I take refuge; save me from all my pursuers and deliver me, 
2 lest like a lion they tear my soul apart, rending it in pieces, with none to deliver.

 Now this just struck me because so often this is how I feel. Like those around me have picked and pulled at me feeding not like lions but like crows, tearing little slices of my self until I am no longer able to become me.Parts of me are pushed so deep they become dormant. So asleep they are like the dead but waiting to rise again. Only I don't see that hope only despair. Wh? Because I have let the lions (or crows as it were) destroy me.

 14 Behold, the wicked man conceives evil and is pregnant with mischief and gives birth to lies.
 15 He makes a pit, digging it out, and falls into the hole that he has made.
16 His mischief returns upon his own head, and on his own skull his violence descends.

 This passsage is so very powerful! First off he speaks to the liars. Lying is EVIL! There are no good lies! Sure a lie can momentarily make life easier but in the long run they destroy. You might appease someone for a moment but when the truth comes out - AND. IT. WILL! You have destroyed way more than you ever hoped to gain. The worst part about lying is you eventually believe your lies - turning you, the person, into a lie, walking evil, an abomination.


 We all know what happens when we try to get out of a hole we have dug. The edges start falling in around us, keepin us shovelin to find solid ground. We might make it out but we are going to be much dirtier coming out then when we were going in.

 And finally, What goes around comes around. Not Karma, just life. If we insist upon living a wicked and evil life then wicked and evil things are going to happen to us. Life is an amazing gift and we have been given an opportunity to serve an amazing God! To descend into evil after being given such a gift is abhorrent.

 It saddens me that I can relate so easily to this Psalm Somehow I have become one of the wicked. The hole I have dug has edges that are dirty and falling fast. I have accepted that I am not coming out clean but PRAISE GOD, I am coming out!! 

 And fortunately for us all, I have a God who has managed to make me white as snow!! 


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