Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

I wanted to share how absolutely awesome my mom is.. 

My mom is not a Christian which is heartbreaking for me but if a girl has to have a non Christian mother, she needs one like mine. While I do not agree with everything she taught me or with all of the ways the raised me, I do know she has always loved me and most of the time, encouraged me to be me. 

Today I had a conversation with a young woman who chose a different path and I was appalled. Not that she chose to walk a different faith, we all have to make our own choices. What appalled me was her total lack of information. Information that has been documented through out history. Information that even the church she has decided to join, has begun admitting to. 

Here I sat discussing some well known facts with her and she got that look we all get.. that "you have no clue what you are talking about and I am right look." I listened.. I mean I have been wrong that one other time. I listened and didn't argue, then when she left.. I did my homework and gathered my facts. Just in case we ever had the conversation again. But the sad fact is, this girl is being brainwashed and it breaks my heart. 

Now what does that  have to do with my mother? 

Well, when I accepted Jesus into my life and became a Christian my mother totally supported me. All she asked was that I know what I believed and why I believed it. So I wouldn't look like some brainwashed idiot spouting inaccurate platitudes. 

She also drove me every Sunday to and from church, approx 20 away and paid for all church choir tours and retreats AND she allowed me to go to private protestant High School (go Heralds). Paid the bill and never commented on the sacrifice the family was making so I could go. 

Awesome much? Because my mother allowed me to have a relationship with Jesus (I would have had it anyway but it would have been much harder) Because my mother supported my relationship with Jesus, I received an amazing foundation in my faith. And the wrath of all my Bible teachers because believe me, my favorite question was why? When told later that I was one of his most difficult students and asked why I had so many questions. I was able to tell him..

Because I asked why, I know what I believe and why I believe it. I don't sound like some brainwashed cultist spouting off ignorant non facts.. 

So thanks mom for your awesomeness


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