Monday, September 2, 2013

I Woke Up Today

I have this long standing saying.. Whenever I am having an especially bad day and want to remain positive.. When someone asks me how's your day going? Or how are you today? I respond with "I woke up today, so I am ahead of the game"

Honestly, I am not trying to be funny, rude or snarky. I am stating my honest opinion. Sure today is not going so well but God granted me one more day where I woke up.. So, it is in fact going rather well. 

My mom is even funnier cuz she will say, "well I woke up and checked for toe tags and didn't find one, so all is well". yes I come by it honestly. 

The thing is whenever I say this I get a smile.. it seems to make everyone give one of those startled half laughs.. and give you a huh, never thought of that look. 

The thing I try to remember, especially on those especially dark days.. is 

Psalm 118:24  

 This is the day which the LORD hath made ; we will rejoice and be in it! 

(Admit it, you started singing didn't you). It was made into a song for a reason! Yet another way to rejoice in the day God has given you!!


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