Saturday, September 7, 2013


Have you ever noticed that when you are searching for a verse, be it on anger, strength, love, faith, fear, rejection, redemption or just about anything.. There is a verse in Psalms that meets your needs? One has to wonder why.. well, we know why, it was a written by David about his emotions and relationship with God.. So he felt all of those things..

While I am not David, nor am I a learned person, I will be spending the next few weeks just reviewing and meditating upon the Psalms. I feel a need for the uplifting power of Psalms. To be shown just how unbreakable our relationship with God is. 

For the next little while I will be discussing what I discovered in my daily devotions.. Not whatever thought pops into my head. 

A Little bit different tack for me but hey, thought I would give it a try!! 

So bear with me, my friends if my interpretation of something is different than yours.. I will be as always speaking from my heart


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